Doll Coat Hangers


Extra sets of quality doll clothes hangers.

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Quality Doll Clothes Hangers, courtesy of ‘Tailoring for Miss Polly’ (a Sunshine Coast Miniland Doll Clothes expert!!)

Solid wood arms finished with clear gloss varnish. The metal hook is a convenient size, perfect to fit most doll clothing racks, doll wardrobes and many standard adult and child wardrobes. Available in a combination of standard and clip hangers. Clips are perfect to keep clothing sets together or hanging trousers, jeans and skirts. They are adjustable by sliding them along the bar they are attached to. The clips are metal with plastic inserts.

The arm span is approx 16cm.

Set of 4 will include 2 standard hangers and 2 clip hangers.                          

Set of 6 will include 3 standard hangers and 3 clip hangers.                          

Set of 8 will include 4 standard hangers and 4 clip hangers.

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Set of 4, Set of 6, Set of 8


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